Lighting Consultation

Our Lighting consulting team is structured to provide extensive support throughout Lebanon through offering Lighting Consultation Services. The provided services are executed in the best possible manner within the scheduled time-frame. These services are highly demanded by our valuable client owing to their cost-effectiveness, reliability and promptness features.

We are available for all people working with light, to help them to give shape to the most various ideas and requirements. Our ambition? To assist and support them in all phases of developing their lighting projects:

  • to estimate the investment and energy savings;

  • to recommend sustainable lighting options that will create luxurious effects;
  • to design light in a way that is functional, dynamic and enhances your living spaces;
  • to provide support during preliminary, final and definitive plan.

Light is art, science, passion and technology at the same time. It influences our lives and marks the rhythm of our daily lives. Adequate lighting is essential to combine well being, aesthetics, function and sustainability in one environment.

Site Survey

Our dedicated staff will help you create a stunning atmosphere that brings your lighting design dreams to life. How??

We come to your space and develop a lighting plan that’s on-trend:

First, a review and analysis of full architectural plans are conducted to determine important features that should be highlighted. Meetings with the client(s) are important to include discussion of preferences and aversions, visual acuities, usage of each space, impressions that are desired, “feelings” that each area is to evoke, exterior lighting requirements, and other details that may be relevant to the project. Review of colors, finishes and furniture plans are helpful to ensure appropriate placement of fixtures and to provide appropriate light levels and effects in key areas. Features of the lighting that we specify are determined by structural details provided on the plans and on site.

Second, a conceptual plan is prepared for client review, understanding, and approval of the complete design intent for lighting and interior details.

Third, implementation of the design intent.

Final stage, which is one of the most important stages not to be overlooked. This finishing stage consists of reviewing all details that may need light source or lens modifications, aiming, and any adjustments when all elements are in place. These adjustments are thought of as the “finishing touches” for all lighting and design details to be exactly right.


By installing a new lighting fixture, or just fixing the one you already have, you can create a near-instant transformation in any space. Instead of doing it yourself—something that is not only complicated and time-consuming, but also potentially dangerous—let our team of professionals do it for you. We can come to you and add value and style to any area of your living.

Clear off your to-do list and let us take care of your light fixture needs. Our services are safe and can be done to your exact standards—so not only can you enjoy the soft glow of a new fixture, but can you have peace of mind knowing all complications relating to the electrical services have been handled by an expert.


Lighting maintenance differs from lighting repair in the following way: Lighting maintenance is scheduled in advance and it is done at regular intervals. An agreement between the client and our company would authorize us to maintain the agreed upon area(s) at predetermined intervals. These agreements are usually monthly or quarterly. This way you can always have a well-lit facility and frees you to focus your time on running your business, not having to worry about which fixtures are out and calling us to schedule a service call.

Beside the all the advantages of keeping a well-lit facility, timely maintenance is important because it saves you money in the long term. It prevents small problems from becoming bigger ones, as well as creating other possible safety issues. Keep in mind, even though a fixture may be compromised and not emitting light, electrical current is still running to it. This causes undue strain on the lamp socket and the fixture’s internal ballast. Not changing the lamp in a timely fashion can cause premature ballast failure and sockets which can literally fuse with the lamp bases. Replacement under these circumstances requires more labor and higher material expenses.

Maintenance Agreements

If you seek a maintenance agreement for your lighting, we can easily provide you one. Typically, our agreements spell out types of services provided, the cost of services, material costs and payment terms. We also offer ongoing survey agreements for property surveys on an ongoing schedule. After each survey, you will be emailed our report, which outlines any lighting problems and the costs related to fixing them. You will have the opportunity to give us approval to proceed. Costs associated with drive-by surveys depend on the size and number of locations being surveyed.

Christmas Decoration

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” said Andy Williams and we couldn’t agree more!  We love Christmas and our passion for the festive season is reflected in our beautiful decorations which we design, manufacture and install.  From some of the largest shopping centers across Lebanon to a country restaurant, as long as you want to ‘do’ Christmas properly, we’re looking forward to talking with you.

With years of experience under our belt, which has achieved us clients including Beirut Souks and municipalities of Beirut, Baabda, Ghazir, Chiah, Zgharta.. and many other private and public sectors, our reputation has grown to become pioneers in our market place, offering you our bespoke AtoZ service.

We work 365 days a year to achieve such perfection, and look forward to making your Christmas the most beautiful and best you’ve ever had.